Don’t Try to release cassingle for Cassette Store Day

‘JWAFJ’ drops on Saturday 13th October 

The post-punk duo wrote and recorded the single along with b-side ‘Sadie Mae’ in the space of a week on a Tascam 8-track reel to reel tape machine. The limited edition release features artwork by Dan Holloway and a mirrored cassette. The tracks were mixed and mastered by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse.
jwafj_1panel-with-125-bleed1 (1)
Buzzhowl Records said ‘With songs about Jesus and the Charles Manson family this is another on-form release for Don’t Try. Putting it out as a part of Cassette Store Day gives everyone an exciting opportunity to celebrate the wider community of record labels, bands, artists and manufacturers involved in cassette culture.’

On Cassette Store Day, Saturday 13th October, ‘JWAFJ’ will be available on cassette and digital download here:

Track listing:

2 Sadie Mae